• Funeral Planning Services

    Funeral Planning Services is a provider of the Liberty Funeral Plan.

  • The Brief

    Funeral Planning Services wanted a website they could use to promote the Liberty Funeral Plan.  The website had to easy to update, responsive and styled in a specific way to appeal to their main target audience.  A custom approach to collecting customer data in return for a brochure by download or mail.

  • Services Used

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  • Solution

    We opted to use WordPress as a Content Management System that the client would find easy to update themselves.  A custom theme was developed to match the designs approved by the client, starting with different responsive versions depending on screen size.  Some existing wordpress plugins were customised and combined to give the client the ability to track who was requesting the brochure.

  • Partners Employed

    Graphic and Website Design work supplied by our business partners at www.imagine.eu.com.