Whatever you need a website to do, Appshine has a range of web solutions to help


Would you embark on a costly building project without first consulting an architect, surveyor or other professional?

When faced with the prospect of potentially spending large sums of money on things outside your scope of expertise, it makes sense to enlist the services of someone who can provide you with relevant guidance.

Web consultancy services from Appshine can, ultimately, save clients money by getting plans right earlier.

Planning your online project can be a daunting task – you have a great idea for a website or your business but aren’t sure what to do next. Appshine can advise you on your web development strategy. Our approach is simple; we will listen to your needs, assess and understand your business, and deliver a creative solution to work with your sector.

We speak your language. We learn it when we spend time getting to know your business, listening carefully to your people and understanding exactly how they work. We then translate these requirements into bespoke or customised software solutions that will make a serious difference to your operations, your performance and your processes.

Nearly all clients are different; they have differing needs, priorities or resources. The same can be said for each client’s problem or solution that we develop. We have developed various applications that were designed to the meet the exact needs of our clients and their varying business operations or processes.

We can meet with clients, whether in person or online in a video conference, and discuss their requirements. If you are considering developing a new online project, or redeveloping an existing site / application, we’d be happy to speak with you.

Consulting teamwork

We can offer advice on every aspect of web projects including hosting, domain registration, design, usability, copywriting for the web, accessibility, content management systems (CMS), and much more. Whatever your consultancy needs we can probably help (and if not, we can point you towards someone who can).

Appshine’s consultancy services are particularly helpful at giving small and medium businesses (SMEs) the chance to discuss their project with an experienced, friendly developer. You can bounce ideas off him, plan with him and most importantly get feedback, ideas and advice.

Web consultancy services can, ultimately, save out clients money in the long-term. If you were going to invest significant amounts of money on the web, why wouldn’t you spend the first £75* meeting with an experienced consultant. We’d make sure you would be spending your money wisely and offer clear, simple advice that will give your project the start it needs.

*cost of consultancy services is variable and dependent on how much time with a consultant that a client need. The quoted cost of £75 is based on 3 hours of video-conference meetings and excludes VAT.