Selling Online With E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of products or services over the Internet.

People seem to love shopping online, and the amount of trade taking place online continues to grow. Website stores are a serious competitor to the high street and retailers ignore them at their peril.

Appshine’s easy e-commerce solutions make it possible for even novice users to set themselves up online.

E-commerce Solutions

Appshine has implemented numerous e-commerce solutions for a wide variety of clients in industries as diverse as entertainment, fashion, antiques and photography.

Our affordable e-commerce solutions a number of choices when it comes to creating your online shop. Whether you want a business-to-business (B2B) or retail online store, we can assist you through the process so that you can start trading quickly and efficiently.

Using the latest payment processing systems including SagePay, WorldPay, GoogleCheckout and PayPal, we can provide your own e-commerce system that takes care of everything from payment processing to statistics.

During 2010, e-commerce accounted for over £385 billion of sales*

*(Source: UK Office of National Statistics report: ICT Activity of UK Businesses 2010.)

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Shopping online is has now become a way of life for many people. Instead of fighting crowds and traffic, it is easier and often cheaper just to switch on the computer and browse the net to find bargains in privacy of your own home.

In today’s marketplace, trading online isn’t just a convenience – it’s the way business is done. An online storefront allows you to do business 24/7 increasing your potential revenue and market share without significantly increasing your running costs.

E-Commerce takes many forms – from simple e-mail based transactions to large database driven interactions. An efficient and effective e-Commerce system can result in increased sales and profits for your business.

The Right E-commerce Solution For You

No matter what kind of online business you are aiming for, Appshine can provide the right E-commerce solutions:

To create a custom solution from scratch will not always be the best option when there are proven e-commerce solutions already on the market. There are plenty of open source platforms and robust applications that provide a scalable solution.

If you find that your business needs an e-commerce solution with special functionality, Appshine can create a fully bespoke, affordable solution for your business.

Our integrated payment mechanisms include agePay, WorldPay, GoogleCheckout and PayPal and more. Each of these will allow your customers to upload their payment details safe in the knowledge that your e-commerce site is secure.

  • B2B

    Business to Business

  • B2C

    Business 2 Consumer

  • B2E

    Business 2 Employee

  • C2B

    Consumer to Business

  • C2C

    Consumer 2 Consumer

We know that great customer relations are at the core of every successful business. That’s why we ensure that your online shop has all the tools you and customers need to communicate with each other.

Appshine can develop an e-commerce solution that can handle all of the information and processes that runs your online shop from day-to-day. Managing your store with an intelligent control panel gives you great command over how your store runs:

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  • 100% control over products, prices, pictures etc by shop owner
  • Products can be entered or removed by you whenever you like
  • Fully secure system
  • Search engine friendly
  • Scalable and modular – system can start small and grow with your business
  • Reliable and accessible customer service
  • Easy search option to find products without having to move around in physical shops.
  • Global reach to customers and no theoretical geographic limitations.
  • Buying and selling 24/7.
  • Low operational costs and quality services.
  • Save investment on physical company set-ups.
  • Easy to commence and effectively manage a business.
  • Track sales in real time and automate inventory control.
  • Web-based interface that allows customers to update their own content.
  • Dynamic, database-driven content Opportunities.
  • Shopping Carts Solution.
  • Bespoke Payment Gateways.

Contact Appshine today to make the first step in becoming a successful online trader.