Search Engine Optimisation And Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Appshine’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialists can take a hands-on approach to improving the quality of the traffic your site receives from the ‘organic’ search results of major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Our SEO experts will optimise the code of your website for search engines making sure they don’t have to look too hard to find you. If people can’t find you in search engine results you could argue that hardly anybody is ever going to see it.

The top search engines use complicated formulae to decide which entries from the list of results should be placed nearer to the top. They want to ensure that the user sees the most relevant results first.

To decide which are the most relevant, the search engine consults its database (the index) to see what it knows about each site and its content. The way that the search engine gets this information is by “crawling” the internet – a special script, sometimes called a ‘robot’ or ‘spider’ looks at a webpage and tries to read what is on it before following any links on the page and reading those.

By following the links from page to page, the spider could eventually read an entire site and records certain pieces of information in the index while it goes. The process is known as ‘indexing’.

A spider can index 1000s more sites than a human operator can in the same time, but cannot read every site in the same way. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialists know how spiders work and can work to reformat a site so that spiders can read it more easily.

SEO specialists also understand something about how spiders determine what pieces of information on a site are relevant and can perform a few different alterations to ensure the spiders take notice of the right things.

In 2011, Google handled an average of 4,717,000,000 searches every day*


We Guarantee Top Result on Google Everytime, Honest Guv!

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Actually, we don’t but there are any number of unscrupulous services who may make claim to guarantee traffic or top placing – they can be viewed as suspicious. There are some techniques that are frowned upon by the search engines and the use of such techniques will count against you.

Search Engine Optimisation CANNOT:

  • guarantee traffic
  • guarantee sales
  • guarantee top placing as number 1 result

Search Engine Optimisation CAN:

  • help spiders read your site better and record the right details about it
  • help spiders understand who your target audience is
  • help search engines display meaningful details and descriptions of your site in search results
  • increase the quality of the traffic through your site by bringing visitors that actually want to see your site

There A Loads of SEO ‘Experts’ – So Why Appshine?

Developing a strong SEO strategy means having an understanding of your business and the type of traffic that you want to the website. Our SEO Specialists in London take a consultative approach to learn about your business as well as your website aims; we then develop a strategy specifically suited to your needs.

We are using the latest technology in SEO; and by giving clients the flexibility to determine how much or how little they want to commit to, we are committed to provide SEO Solutions at a very affordable price.

Appshine can develop a strategy that will make Google initially start to like your site better and then in time hopefully learn to love to love it:

  • SEO

    Complete website review

  • SEO

    Full keyword analysis

  • SEO

    Competitor analysis

  • SEO

    Optimisation of individual web pages

  • SEO

    Development amendments to ensure your website is deep crawled by search engines

  • SEO

    A full link building campaign

  • SEO

    Comprehensive search engine and directory submissions

  • SEO

    Traffic analysis, visibility reports and recommendations

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We Only Use Ethical Techniques For Ensuring Longterm Success

In addition to looking for features that will improve your search placing, search engines also look for things that will count against you and cause your site to be placed further down the results list, or even be ‘blacklisted’.

Major search engines maintain an active ‘blacklist’ of sites that they refuse to include. Sites on a server known to be involved in spamming, malware, etc will certainly be blacklisted, as can sites that use unfair tactics to try and boost search placing (such as forbidden keyword loading, link-farming, etc).

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