Website Management With A Dedicated Webmaster From Appshine

Website Management

Two common mistakes made by new website owners are: not regularly updating it. And thinking that they need to employ a full-time Webmaster.

Appshine’s website management services mean you can have a web expert dedicated to your site. With flexible terms letting you control how little or how much you commit to.

Don’t make the mistake of developing a fantastic website and then letting it go to waste by not maintaining it. Even if you only need a Webmaster for half a day per month, contact Appshine today!

A Website Manager’s Word of Caution:

All too often, it is easy to make the mistake of launching a great website but failing to maintain it. If your website is important to you or your business, it is critical that it is managed well.

Behind most of the best known and loved websites are teams of people dedicated to website management; the day-to-day tasks of running a successful site.

Of course, having teams of even part-time web experts is very costly; it is beyond the reach of most individuals and SMEs.

With Appshine’s Website Management Services, you can employ a dedicated Webmaster without taking on another member of staff. There are many benefits to using Appshine’s Remote Webmaster :

Benefits to Using an Appshine Dedicated Webmaster

  • Cost

    average salaries for a Senior Webmaster start from around £40k per year; that is before you add in tax contributions, employee benefits, sick / holiday pay, software licensing, premises costs and various other HR / employment costs. Appshine’s freelance Webmaster service can work out to be just a fraction of the cost of employing someone.

  • Value

    employing your own Webmaster can mean committing to them working for a certain number of days/hours per week. If your only need them to work for one or two days in a month, it is more economically efficient to come to Appshine for help.

  • Commitment

    there is no long-term legal commitment to using our services. If you directly employ a Webmaster there is a strict legal framework for terminating their contract. By using Appshine’s on-demand Webmaster, you are freed from a legal minefield; there is no need to pay out for redundancies or tribunals.

  • Flexibility

    you can call upon your Appshine Website Manager at any time. Where necessary, during special projects for example, you can add extra time to your monthly ‘allowance’. There is no need to increase your monthly regular agreement.

  • Versatility

    The web professionals working with Appshine have a broad range of skills and expertise. We provide many web development services from custom web applications to SEO. This means that an Appshine Webmaster can provide whatever solutions are needed to achieve your goals. On the rare occasion where you may need to call upon a third party, we can also help find the right team for the job.

What Our Website Management Can Do For You

If you use Appshine’s Website Management service, you have direct contact with your own Webmaster. You will get email and telephone contact with a named individual. They will look after all the day-to-day tasks in running your site. Video-call meetings by Skype are possible. Depending on where you are based, face-to-face meetings may also be possible.

Taking a keen interest in you or your business helps us learn what will be useful to you. By having a regular Webmaster studying your online visitors, we can suggest ways to engage with them better. By defining the goals of your website, we can advise on how best to achieve them. There may be extra content or functions that we can suggest to improve your site.

There are many examples of things you can ask your Appshine Webmaster to perform for you:


Cost of Website Management Services from Appshine

Using Appshine’s Website Management services can save you money. Firstly, you save on the associated costs of employing someone. Paying a salary of £45k can cost almost £57k when you factor in holiday pay, Employers NI contributions, etc.*

You can also get a substantial reduction on our usual hourly rate of £60** per hour. The more days you use the service, the more cost effective it becomes. In any one month:

One day would work out at £45* per hour.
A further two days would be charged at £40* per hour.
Any further days would be charged at £30* per hour.

Example Monthly Charges

  • (most popular option)
    2 days per month
  • £680
  • Equivalent to of £42.50 / hr
    or £8,160 per year
  • All prices exclude VAT.

Get a dedicated Webmaster and save money, by using Appshine. Contact us for more information today.